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We Provide Over 20 Unique Types of Services to Create a Custom Package Made for Your Business.

Services we provide

Our Professionals, Your Team.

It's Simple, we provide real estate experts and resources that take care of your day to day tasks and chores while you focus on income producing activities.

Virtual Office Managers

Let our Administrative VAs handle your repetitive tasks like database and CRM management, scheduling, email & calendar management, basic administrative support, listing support, phone answering, reception and bookkeeping. While you focus on making money!

Virtual Lead Managers

Our Virtual Lead Managers are your employees your certified and trained in taking customers all the way through the follow-up sequence straight to the close. With our training system we can guarantee No more wasted leads, no more hours of training and no more throwing away money!

Lead Generation & Inside Sales

Hire our experienced Sales Agents to handle prospecting calls, cold calling, lead screening & qualification, prospect & client follow-up & growing relationships. Our sales teams will create new opportunities and improve long-term client retention.

Data Experts

Understanding data helps you gain competitive advantages in your market. From data harvesting and scrubbing to data storage. We help gather the data to provide the highest value to our clients. We help make sure that your team is operating at full speed and work with you through any technology hurdles so that you can scale the right way.

Marketing Experts

Our Marketing Professionals are trained to do it all. We can tackle your online marketing, social media management, collateral development, video editing & production, graphic design & layout, website management, SEO, blogging, and more — professionally delivered to make your brand stand out against your competitors.

Project Management Teams

Our clients will be provided a dedicated project manager who is a trained Real Estate Professional to help manage the Lead Generation process by developing, implementing, and managing processes developed to help your specific business.

Whether your business consists of dozens of professionals or a single agent we can cater to your specific businesses needs. We have the ability to scale with minimal lead-time and provide options for custom packages that are designed to fit your specific project.

Real solutions, real people.

Why Choose Us?

Decades of Real Estate Experience

From some of the best cold callers and lead generators in the industry to our founding team with decades of experience, we provide you all the resources you need.

24/7 Operations

Regardless of your time zone, or specific hours you need coverage on, our Virtual Assistants can help you. We operate 24/7, so you can be sure that you get 100% support no matter the time of day

Stress Free Outsourcing

We help grow your business without the stress. You aren't just getting a VA, you are getting some of the best trained and experienced VAs and management teams to step in and support you for all of your needs.

Ready to scale?


To ensure that your business realizes results, we have expert knowledge of your business and its requirements  to grow revenues and value. Every business has different requirements depending on size, capabilities, project status, customer segment, and more. Our team is passionate about what makes your business unique and how to best help you.


How We Help

  • Our talented experts can help you with your administrative tasks.

  • Our Digital Marketing is Leveraged to Help Convert Opportunities into Sales and Success Stories For You.

  • We Monitor Your Website, Funnel Pages, and Inbound Leads and Help Maximize Conversion.

  • We Remain Available for Your Day to Day needs and Help with Scheduling and other Administrative tasks.


Custom Built Solutions Ready to Go

Admin Services

Our team members are experienced Real Estate professionals who have the support of our Executive Team.

Our Administrative Services Team helps your business from generating leads to closing transactions. Let us help you grow your database, reach more prospects and thrive with increased customer engagement.

Marketing & Sales Data

Utilizing a combination of public and private databases in conjunction with our sales tracking software allows our clients to get the information needed to enable targeted marketing and sales channels.

We provide all types of real estate data including batch skip tracing at competitive rates.

Virtual Office Manager

There are many benefits of a Virtual Office Manager from the Real Estate Project Solutions team.

These services enable our clients to run efficient and lean operations by augmenting your organization's capabilities with turn-key solutions including Property Research, Telephone Answering, Lien Search & Analysis, Website Live Chat, and much more.

Custom Catered

Your Custom Solution, Our Team.

  • Calendaring & Scheduling

  • Administrative Services & List Generation

  • Creation And Management Of Marketing Campaigns

  • Email & Live Chat Answering Service

  • General Personal Assistant Work

  • Lien Lookups And Research

  • New Agent Support Training And Misc Programs

  • Property Research

  • Telephone Answering Service

  • Trulia / Zillow /Etc. Profile Optimization

  • & Much More

Frequently Asked Questions


We offer 24/7 service to our clients.


While our main business is English speaking and across the United States, our staff can also speak Spanish and various other languages.


Quality Assurance is our highest priority. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we constantly employ numerous methods to ensure that all calls are handled in the most professional manner possible. Our Supervisors listen in to live calls giving instant feedback to our agents. Additionally, our phone system closely tracks hold time, talk time, and several other statistics, which are reviewed by management on a daily basis.


The number of leads you can expect per month per agent varies and it really depends on the list and the market and also what you would consider a valid lead. However, we ensure our trained team will deliver quality leads every month.


Through communication with our management team you will know exactly what your callers are doing.  Our monitoring and reporting systems are unique and superior to any other in the industry.  And it can all be customized to fit your goals and business.