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May 1, 2021

3 High Priority Tasks for Your VAs

1. Cold Calling

This is a traditional marketing strategy but is still considered to be one of the most effective approaches for generating real estate leads. This is a perfect task to outsource to a trained Virtual Assistant and will free up a ton of your time. With cold calling is one of the most popular tasks we see for outsourcing to our trained team. We ensure all of our cold calling VA’s have call center experience, a neutral accent, and a strong outgoing personality that is suited for this task.

2. Admin Tasks

    - Email Management – Sorting/filtering emails, responding questions from prospects, and sending follow-ups.
    - Research – You can ask your VA to check on a property you are looking to buy like its location, property value, amenities and establishments surrounding it
    - Data Entry – Proofreading data and entering them into your spreadsheet. This also includes entering or updating client information – email address, phone number, mailing address- Calendar Management – Both your personal and work calendar. Setting up meetings and remind you about the scheduled appointments and upcoming events      

3. Following Up

You have probably heard the saying “the fortune is in the follow-up”. That’s because 70% percent of all sales close in thew follow ups. If you don’t have a consistent follow up process you’re missing out on deals you didn’t even know existed.

You should be having a Virtual Assistant to follow up with leads consistently until a restraining order is taken out!

Did you know only 2% of sales close at the initial meeting? So if you’re throwing in the towel after the first no with no follow up plan, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

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