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June 1, 2021

2 Steps to Generating Real Estate Leads

1. Cold Calling (Hire

Cold calling is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE methods to generate real estate leads today but it takes a lot of time, effort, and drive to make this work! To effectively utilize this, you should be keen on your script. Look out for these components:

•  Opening Spiel – Having an enthusiastic/energetic tone will increase your chances of getting the person on the other line to listen and wait what you have for them!

No one wants to get a call from a grumpy person, especially when they didn’t ask to be called in the first place! So play it cool.

Lastly, have a positive disposition and jump into a conversation to connect based on common areas of interest.

•  Pitching – You don’t have much time. Be upfront, introduce yourself, and let them know what you are calling them about and what’s in it for them.

•  The Follow-Up (Questions) – This is a crucial part of the call, this is when you identify if the prospect fits your criteria and the right person you are looking for. It is important to ask the right questions!

•  Closing  – Leave a lasting impression. They may not convert as early as the first time you reach them but leaving a good impression would make them consider discussing with you again about the offer.

Automating your cold calling is a great way to maximize the number of calls being made. has a team of trained cold callers will call your entire list and send you the leads in real time! Not too shabby!

2. Consistent Follow-Up Process

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “The fortune is in the follow up” a million times by now.

There’s a good reason it’s still a highly relevant statement. On average, about 7 out of 10 deals all close in the follow up process, and most typically take between 7-12 touches to convert.

Here’s a simple and quick cheat sheet for how frequently you should be following up with leads:

•  WARM – Call every 7 days

•  LUKE-WARM – Call every 21 days

•  COLD – Call every 30 days

Continue doing this until the deal is secure or you have been put you on a temporary restraining order!

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