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Our mission

We provide real estate experts and resources that take care of your day to day tasks, drudgery and chores while you focus on income producing activities.

We specialize in Marketing and Business Development for Agents, Brokerages, Investors and Developers. Our Goal Is To Provide An All-In-One Marketing & Business Solution with Administrative Services, Data Analytics and Digital Advertising Services. Our Teams Include Administrative Specialists, Social Media Management, And Most Administrative Tasks.

Your team is doing an awesome job! About to lock up our first deal tomorrow we’re going to make it $25,000 - $30,000!

Matt V.

REal estate investor

Services we provide

Our Professionals, Your Team.

We help you to rapidly scale your business by onboarding a trained, qualified VA for office administration, inside sales, marketing, or even transaction coordination while you avoid wasting time on repetitive busywork so that you can focus tasks that make you money.

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VIrtual Office Managers

Let our Administrative VAs handle your repetitive tasks like database and CRM management, scheduling, email & calendar management, basic administrative support, listing support, phone answering. reception and bookkeeping. While you focus on making money!

Virtual Lead Managers

Our Virtual Lead Managers are your employees your certified and trained in taking customers all the way through the follow-up sequence straight to the close. With our training system we can guarantee No more wasted leads, no more hours of training and no more throwing away money!

 Lead Generation & Inside Sales

Hire our experienced Sales Agents to handle prospecting calls, cold calling, lead screening and qualification, client follow-up and growing relationships. Our sales teams will create new opportunities and improve long-term client retention.

Data Experts

Understanding data helps you gain competitive advantages in your market. From data harvesting and scrubbing to data storage. We help gather the data to provide the highest value to our clients. We make sure that your team is operating at full speed, and we work with you through any technology hurdles so that you can scale the right way.

Marketing Experts

Our Marketing Professionals are trained to do it all. We can tackle your online marketing, social media management, collateral development, video editing and production, graphic design and layout, website management, SEO and blogging. All professionally delivered to make your brand stand out against your competitors.

Project Management Teams

Our clients are provided a dedicated project manager who is a trained Real Estate Professional to help manage the Lead Generation process by developing, implementing, and managing processes developed to help your specific business.

Real solutions, real people.

Why Choose Us?

Decades of Real Estate Experience

From some of the best cold callers and lead generators in the industry to our founding team with decades of experience, we provide you all the resources you need.

24/7 Operations

Regardless of your time zone or specific hours you need coverage on our Virtual Assistants can help you. We operate 24/7, so you can be sure that you get 100% support no matter the time of day

Stress Free Outsourcing

We help grow your business without the stress. You aren't just getting a VA, you are getting the best trained and experienced VAs with management teams to step in and support you for all of your needs.

Speak with a Real Estate Pro Today

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Our Clients Know Best

I would like to give a big shout out to Max and his team at Real Estate Project Solutions (REPS). I was new to wholesaling and wanted a way to jump start my business. They took weeks if not months off the ramp up time of my business. This encompassed setting up the CRM and Call Tools, Pulling and skip tracing the data and calling the list. They are producing at least 2 quality leads a day. With this being done on a consistent basis it allows my team and I to focus on turning those leads into deals. Max and his team are always available for questions and take great pride in helping us grow our business. I would definitely recommend REPS.
John P.
Nittany Investors LLC
Wanted to give a BIG shout out to Max Fisch and the Real Estate Project Solutions Team! Day 2 of launching and I just got my first deal!
Nathaniel D.
From the very first onboarding call and getting the data in place, to setting up our calling system & ensuring we have every single detail needed dialed in for success. You and the team at Real Estate Project Solutions have been world class. Our caller Chris is producing leads, Matt is ensuring operations are running smoothly, Kathy is sending thorough reporting consistently and you have not only been ensuring that we have everything dialed in quickly, but are also providing high value guidance in our business as we navigate the current market. Your wisdom & advice has been paramount in the success of our wholesaling journey.
Sequoia Wealth Group
Just wanted to let you know that your team has been doing a really good job with using the new scripts I gave them. They are bringing in a solid 2-3 qualified leads a day right now, and it’s just a matter of time before we close one of them. Just thought you should know!
Lenny P.
Real Estate Investor
Turnkey solution

We Could Start Tomorrow!

  • All-In-One Team

    A fully trained and managed cold calling solution for your business!

  • Leads Delivered Right to Your Inbox

    We provide consistent and quality leads to help you constantly grow your business.

  • Trusted by customers worldwide

    We Provide An All-In-One Marketing & Business Solution that caters to your needs no matter where you are.

  • And much more...

Our most common asked questions.

What are your service hours?

We offer 24/7 service to our clients.

How many languages do you support?

While our main business is English speaking and across the United States, our staff can also speak Spanish and various other languages.

How many leads can I expect a month?

The number of leads you can expect per month per agent varies and it really depends on the list and the market and also what you would consider a valid lead. However, we ensure our trained team will deliver quality leads every month.

How will I know what's going on with my caller?

Through communication with our management team you will know exactly what your callers are doing.  Our monitoring and reporting systems are unique and superior to any other in the industry.  And it can all be customized to fit your goals and business.